From a Marketing and Communications Strategist in the nonprofit sector:
  • When program evaluation at a very complex level is what you need to resolve, contact Melissa. Melissa has two key characteristics that make working with her very special. She is extremely well organized and can take any sub topic about program evaluation and discuss it with such depth that you know she has internalized all the literature on the topic as well as worked hands-on on every aspect. In addition, she brings a cheerful and generous spirit to the people she engages with. Working with her is a positive and very welcome experience.
From the Governor’s Conference on Volunteerism:
  • Walking into Understanding Community Dynamics I had the least sense of how I might apply it to my needs, but Melissa really asked thought-provoking questions and gave good examples of where to focus energies.  Useful to me in a couple of different ways.
  • [Data CollectingThis was my favorite session!  Melissa had the last session of the day to present what I expected to be dry material - I gulped down an extra cup of coffee minutes before to help keep me awake, but I couldn't have been more wrong.  What a lively and interesting presentation she gave!  Her information was well-organized and presented in such an engaging way that I can't wait to collect and track trend data for my non-profit.
From a director in the City of Manchester, NH:
  • I have known and worked with Melissa Nemon for more than five years. She has played a significant role in assisting in the development of long-term strategic planning toward a functional youth service delivery system in Manchester. She is mission driven and has the ability to take complex statistical analysis and turn it into information that front-line staff can use to more effectively impact the lives of disconnected youth and families. It is also the case that Melissa helps others find ways to improve outcomes with existing resources and therefore leverage organizations to become more competitive when searching for new resources. Her academic credentials are impressive, but more impressive is her ability to bring ‘real-life’ experience to her expertise as a community development expert. We are lucky to have her in the Manchester community. When I am asked questions about consultation services that apply program evaluation, Melissa’s name is always on my short list. I look forward to continued collaboration with her in the future.